Sunday, August 9, 2009

All Time Favorite Wedding Photographers

Ever since I started working with Shanti last summer, I've become slightly obsessed with wedding photographers. When I have spare time, and I know it sounds silly, I often browse the top wedding photographers to see what they're up to.

My favorite, of course, is Shanti herself. She shoots in both film and digital and manages, in a very traditional manner, to really capture the story of the wedding without letting the images themselves get in the way of the couple's love story.

Image ©Shanti Duprez
Jessica Claire is a cute little wedding and fine art photographer with a bit of quirk and flare that makes her unique and endlessly interesting. On days when I don't just admire her artwork, I'm wishing I could be just like her in every other way. :D
Image ©Jessica Claire
Gene Higa is a San Francisco based wedding photographer who, a bit like Shanti, really focuses in on illustrating the story of the couple being married without letting his images get in the way.
Image ©Gene Higa
One of my other all time favorites? Jose Villa. Based in Southern California, the coolest people hire him to photograph their weddings and he does them more than justice. For proof just check out the sock phonemon he's got going on. How much cooler can you get?
Image ©Jose Villa

The moral of the story? Some days I just really want to be a destination weddng photographer. *sigh*

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