Sunday, August 30, 2009

Red Tide in Half Moon Bay

Last week in Half Moon Bay we were lucky enough (or were we?) to experience a Red Tide ( on Surfer's Beach. I went down in shorts and waded through the water trying to get the perfect shot. And yes, (despite slight tweaking in Photoshop) the water really truly is that color. Weird, I know.

I had just a little fun with texture in Photoshop on this one... I just like how it makes it look like a cool old photo. (:

I think this one's one of my favorites. It was weird (and yet oh so cool) how the water was orange in some places and blue/grey in others. I was thrilled when this wave crashed in just the orange part.

That's all. Don't swim in the water when it looks like this. And keep an eye out for all the dolphins and seals and pelicans; they just loooovee all the dying fish (they die because all the algae sucks up all the oxygen in the water-isn't that sad?!).

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