Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kegan and his Guitar

Some days just scream at me to take out my camera; there was something about yesterday that had this quality. Something about the rain stopping for the afternoon and leaving sunshine, some clouds, and crisp, clean winter air meant to me that I just had to get my camera out. Not many people were around but Kegan was down to head out on the town with his guitar and let me shoot him. It was a very last minute shoot, with no prior planning, so I didn't really know what to expect when I loaded the images onto my computer; I must say, I'm very very pleased with the results! (:
This is Kegan: 

Perhaps the best thing about this shoot was that Kegan didn't just sit there and look like he was playing his guitar, he actually started singing! And, he's amazing! Some people looked at us funny as we were shooting but I was so impressed by his music and enjoying myself so much that I just didn't care! :D

A nice, simple, plain portrait. I call it, "Man with guitar." :P
The next three images are the best of the whole shoot. Seriously. 
This is my absolute favorite image from the whole entire shoot. Perhaps ever, in my whole life. It's not possible for this photo to make me any happier--I know because I've tried. 

Click on the photo and check out the soulful look on his face. (:

This is Kegan's guitar. 

I made him sit on somebody random's front porch. He was a little nervous that somebody might come outside and ask what the heck we were doing. He refrained from playing any songs in this particular location and so we moved on quickly.

This photo reminds me of the first photo on the blog in the shoot I took of Taylor earlier this year.

A good image to end on. This is Kegan's guitar. (:

Anyways. If Kegan keeps on making music like what he was playing yesterday, I hope he comes out with an album sometime in the near future. Selfishly, I hope that he finds some images from yesterday that he thinks are absolutely perfect for an album cover. A photographer can hope. (:

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