Sunday, February 28, 2010

Featured! Daily Cal Photo Blog

Soooo, the most exciting of things happened yesterday. I got to shoot the Cal Men's Basketball Game!!! Yeee!
Usually this is a special assignment that only the old time photographers get to shoot, but I was in the right place at the right time and I just got super lucky. The second photographer happened to, last minute, not be able to make the game and so, just as I was leaving the office, my editor (the very talented and very awesome Miss Anne Marie Schuler) asked, "Want to shoot the game with me?" My answer?! "Yipeeeee!" Of course. :D
Anyways, the game was AH-maaazing. Let me just say.
Some of the things that happened/I learned at yesterday's game:
  1.  It was an overall very exciting game. Clearly.
  2. I have decided that I loooveeee basketball. I want to go to every game next season. Hopefully I'll get to shoot some of them. But that might be asking for too much. (:
  3. Sitting on the court is the best way everrr to watch a basketball game. Celebrities know what's up.
  4. Press passes rock. Really really really.
  5. When you sit on the court next to the drums, you should wear earplugs. Or prepare to lose hearing. Also, you may get hit by flying drumsticks.
  6. I could actually do this for a job. yee.
  7. WE WON THE PAC-10!!! (for the first time in fifty years!!! yikes...)
I'll post my favorites from the event later, but for now, check out my photo on the Daily Cal Photo Blog! yee. :D

Image ©The Daily Californian. Well, not the screen shot, but the image. Clearly. (:


  1. Hey Simone,

    It was so nice meeting you at the World Affairs Council in San Francisco the other week. You were impressive as a policy simulation moderator, but these photo skills are amazing. I know nothing about photography except that Mac Photo Booth rocks, but this stuff is phenomenal. I'm so frickin' impressed by Cal students!

  2. Hi Beau!

    Thanks for the comment!! Seriously. That is... quite heartfelt. (:

    You should... e-mail me/facebook me if you've got any Cal questions or want a personal tour. I'd totally be down! Or, you know, a personal photoshoot. :P (Only I'm kidding less than you would think, ha ha; I pretty much try to get all of my friends to pose)

    ssssimone (:



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