Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photographers: Your New Favorite Accessory

Hey kids!
Meet the newest cool hip thing to have if you're a photographer, Funky Camera. I want to order ten but will somehow restrain myself. I'm thinking leopard print. Maybe some cute flowers. How to ever decide!?
Here are my four favorites. It was impossible to pick. Really. They're not my photos (they belong to Funky Camera) but I wanted to share oh so badly. Ah-mazing. Really. (:
I love the bright colors and funky flowers in this design. Is it too girly though? 
Or do I show some Cal spirit? Cal spirit and delicate flowers. I love the color scheme but maybe it doesn't pop enough like the last one...
Classy. Good for both fun and more professional events. Not sure it's my absolute favorite though... but still very nice.
Last but not least, this one is perhaps my favorite. Not sure how the faux fur would hold up to my special brand of abuse though. What happens when the faux fur gets dirty or wet? Hmm... such a dilemma.
Anyways, this is my new favorite accessory. Or will be when I finally get around to ordering. Just you wait. (:
P.S. I'm thinking the bright and beautiful flowers in the first strap. Thoughts? Suggestions? 

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