Monday, February 15, 2010

San Francisco Pillow Fight (and cute shoes...)

Nick and I spent Sunday in the city and, without planning to, ran into the huge pillow fight in the Embarcadero Plaza. There were easily thousands of people there, and once the clock struck 6pm they didn't stop fighting for more than an hour. What persistence! 
After the pillow fight started somebody let free a heart shaped balloon. It floated up above all of the pillow fighters and up up up above the bay. You can just make it out here. (:

As the intensity of the "fight" picked up, pillows started to break. The feathers spewed over the "fighters" and into the air; it almost looked like it was snowing!

This girl had on the cutest shoes and I couldn't resist pointing my lens at her toes. How weird is it that I snapped this spy pic? ... 
Anyways, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy February. <3  

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