Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brad Paisley in Concert

Last week Taylor and I rented a Zip Car and drove three hours (we switched off in the driver's seat) up to Fresno to see Brad Paisley, country music superstar, do his thing. He was perfect--gorgeous, cute, sweet, nerdy, country, playing a guitar, aaand singing sweet lyrics. All while wearing a cowboy hat. Girls, it doesn't get much better than that. Trust me. (:
The Save Mart Center is a huge place. I guess Fresno has a lot of space... (:

If you ever go to Fresno or the Save Mart Center, take a word of wisdom from me and don't eat here. It was sooo gross. ewwww. ):
The Center serves also serves as a home for the Fresno Bulldogs--their sports awards were hanging from the ceiling. Kind of cool in the low light. 

The main attraction. Gorgeousness. Click the images for larger views. (:

This is what the arena looked like not ten minutes after the concert was over. They move fast! Oh, and check out those awesome light fixtures! It was a theater major's dream, *cough  Suzuki cough*

Anyways, awesome concert. If you don't listen to country, pick up Brad's CD. He has funny stuff and adorable stuff. I mean really. You just can't go wrong. (:
p.s. Then may be my favorite Brad song. But I love them all so much that I just can't quite be sure...

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