Monday, March 29, 2010

Cal Rugby v. Saint Mary's

Photos from my first rugby game last weekend. As I said on the field and again when I got home to anybody who would listen, rugby is quite possibly one of the most interesting sports ever played. Seriously. Check it.
P.S. Thinking about what makes a cool/interesting/quality artistic photo versus what makes a good newspaper/photojournalistic photo. Sometimes one photo can be both, sometimes it can't. See if you can pick out which ones are which. (:
P.P.S. Are you aware that Cal has the best rugby team in America? And pretty much has since forever ago? They are... glorious.
And, of course, always: go bearssss! 

Love this photo of a young fan. Wish he were wearing Cal gear though ... :/ (he was cheering for Cal though, so that's something :D )

Good work, coach! Happy retirement...  (:

All images ©The Daily Californian

Welcome Spring and Blood Oranges

Or, How Not To Write My Paper
Kind of an odd name for a fruit, no? Delicious nonetheless though. Mmmm (: 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Inspiration: Helping Kids With Cameras

I can't get over this awesome project! Some photographers teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club in Las Vegas for a day of inspiration, art, and hanging out with the kids. I can't say enough how cool I think this is. Let the video speak for itself. :D

Lens & Learn - Inspiring Kids Through Photography from Ron Dawson on Vimeo.
And for some cool photos (the video is kinda long) check out Grey Photography. Love it!  

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Berkeley, Courtesy of a Daily Cal Adventure (:

Images from a month or so ago during Daily Cal training day. This is the result of plenty of training, photo style. Ha ha, just kidding. Well, if that's even a joke. Aiyyy. I need to go to bed. (: 
I kind of feel like saying that this whole adventure was photo editor Anne Marie Schuler's idea. It was, and it was very fun and very cool (see below for proof), but I also like the idea that next time she Googles herself, this will come up. (I say this because she messaged me the other day saying that another post I put her name in came up on her browser when she Googled herself... ha ha, oh dear. )
In other news, I discovered how to create new Actions on Photoshop so that I can "logo" and resize images for the blog all in one push of a button. Let me just say one word: REVOLUTIONARY. My life has been streamlined and I'm loving it. I plan on saving all the time and spending it on muuuuch better things. Expect more photos now because it will be just SO EASY to share. Seriously. (: 

When you first take photography they teach you that flowers are boring subjects. But something about flowers still makes my heart beat. And so I will continue to photograph them. 
Oh black and white. You are always striking. 

I don't know why they left their shoes here... but I like how it looks. Ha ha. (:

Leave comment love. It makes me feel... loved. ha ha. (:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Cool Old Car in Berkeley Town

This cool old car was parked along the street in Berkeley the other week. Super awesome color. And the light was gorgeous; you know, one of those absolutely purr-fect mornings where not being outside would practically be a sin? Yeah, one of those. Feast your eyes. (:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Featured! Angelique Kidjo's Official Website!

So somebody on Angelique Kidjo's team noticed my twitter post about my blog post about my attendance (... ha ha) at the Berkeley Zellerbach performance of Angelique Kidjo a month or so ago and posted a link back to my blog on her OFFICIAL WEBSITE! So cool!
You can find my post of her concert here.  
Anyways, my link is on the news feed on the front page: 
And when you click on it, there's a page saying my images are awesome (yipee!) and a link back. Super super cool! :D

Thanks so much for noticing and letting the world know! :D
Just remember... the images themselves are copyrighted to The Daily Californian. Of course. (:  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Friday Afternoon in Berkeley

The last Friday in Berkeley before Spring Break. Loving the sunshine. And the afternoon adventure with friends. 

Today is the first day of Spring. Happy Spring!!! <3 

Oh Berkeley and bumper stickers... 

I've gotta eat here soon. Gotta.

Outside The Cheeseboard.

The line went all the way to the end of the block. And I asked--they sell about 1,000 (ONE THOUSAND!!!!!) pizzas in an evening.


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