Monday, March 8, 2010

Beth. Gorgeousness. (Synonyms.)

Last night one of my adorable friends came by for some help dressing for a cute 40's themed party; she needed cute accessories to complement her face (and dress and sweater) and I was more than happy to oblige. I did her hair and lent her a necklace and belt and then ended up shooting a few images of her--she looked so cute it would have been impossible not to! The lighting was horrible but in the end it actually ended up working with the old fashioned theme. Go figure. 
Oh, and the kicker?! We had so much fun playing dress up and hanging out that she didn't end up going to the party. I hope I'm more fun anyway...  xoxo
Here's a gorgeous, simple black and white portrait. She probably won't like it (you know how girls can be), but I think it shows off her pretty face. Sigh. (: 
I love everything about this shot: the "red" hair (it looks red, doesn't it?!), the necklace, the demur look to the side, and (of course) the boobies. How could you not love this shot?! 
(Oh wait, I know, perhaps you will notice the ugly hallway carpeting in the background... sigh. On the upside, she has promised to get dressed up in this exact same outfit again for me when the sun is still shining outside!) 

I love these.  (:

Look at her hair! I did that! I am so proud! Isn't it pretty! p.s. I want to go to prom again. I will dress up as pretty as I know how. Any takers?
Also, I plan on stealing her hair clip. Okay, well, stealing and then maybe giving back at some point. It's just sooo cute. Love. It. Beth has the best style.  

We didn't get to shoot very much (we were in a hallway for goodness sake!) but I love love love these. 
This one is my absolute favorite of the whole entire (five photo) shoot. <3 
And in Polaroid. ohmigosh.

Seriously, how cute can you get?!
(happy monday)
p.s. Leave lots of comments telling her how beautiful she is. And how nicely I did her hair. We like compliments. ;) 


  1. Beth looks stunning as always! Great photos. :)

  2. 7th pic...very good.....!!just started to follow ya.... so mind tellin me what camera you use??
    thanks.. and great pics.. :-)

  3. Thanks girls! :D

    @Karthik: Thanks for following :) I have a Canon 20D. I shoot all the personal stuff with that, but I also work for The Daily Californian and have access to the cameras we have there. Even when I use their equipment though, I am a Canon girl through and through! ha ha. (:



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