Thursday, March 4, 2010

Featured! Well. Kinda. Bare Magazine Blog.

I shot the PlayGREEN festival last Friday for UC Berkeley's premier fashion magazine, Bare Magazine. They're awesome. It was an awesome event. I had lotsa fun. And, on top of that, they published some of my photos on their blog as they talked about the event. 
p.s. I did push ups at the Cal ROTC booth and actually made the record board for the women! Yee! They had my name up there as the "Title Holder" until I left. I don't think I got the most for the whole event in the end (there were another two hours after that for somebody--or multiple somebodies--to beat my record), but it still felt good. And my arms could feel all FORTY SEVEN push-ups the next three days. Ha ha. I'll work on those push-ups and just blow them out of the water next time their little booth is set up somewhere. (:

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