Thursday, March 18, 2010

Concert: Wallpaper/Limousines at Slim's

This post is for my Daily Cal buddies from the Wallpaper/Limousines concert at Slim's weeks and weeks ago. They complained about never seeing more than one or two of the photos from a concert they cover. I tried to include all the awesome ones here, just like I promised I would. Sorry this post is so late in coming, boys. :/
The venue: Slim's
An opening band. Butterfly Bones.

What a ham. I saw him after the show and he said hello every single time I wandered by. It was great. And you should have seen him dancing. Also great. (:
Bah ha ha. 

Headliner number one, The Limousines.

Love love love this shot. Something about the lighting just makes me happy. (:

Headliner number two: Wallpaper. A Berkeley graduate. Go figure. He was really awesome. Kind of ridiculous and very awesome. 

It was great. He had the crowd wear 3D glasses. People couldn't stand wearing them the whole time though since it was, well, kinda trippy. Ha ha.

Running back on stage for an encore. I really like this shot. (:
This may be my favorite shot. Love the energy and eclecticism of the dancer. (:
You know it's a good concert when... :P

Leave some love in the comments so I know somebody at least looked at the photos. :P
Accompanying article expertly written by fellow journalist Derek Sagehorn, Contributing Writer to The Daily Californian.  
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  1. u really got some steady hands to click pics low light...
    i mostly end up having pics blurred!!! :-P

  2. If you want to shoot in low light, it helps to amp up your ISO a bit and make sure that your aperture is set as wide as possible. That's the other thing--I was shooting with a really nice lens and so the aperture could go really super wide and still shoot normally. It totally helps. Good luck!

  3. Great work in very low light. Looks very cool



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