Monday, March 29, 2010

Cal Rugby v. Saint Mary's

Photos from my first rugby game last weekend. As I said on the field and again when I got home to anybody who would listen, rugby is quite possibly one of the most interesting sports ever played. Seriously. Check it.
P.S. Thinking about what makes a cool/interesting/quality artistic photo versus what makes a good newspaper/photojournalistic photo. Sometimes one photo can be both, sometimes it can't. See if you can pick out which ones are which. (:
P.P.S. Are you aware that Cal has the best rugby team in America? And pretty much has since forever ago? They are... glorious.
And, of course, always: go bearssss! 

Love this photo of a young fan. Wish he were wearing Cal gear though ... :/ (he was cheering for Cal though, so that's something :D )

Good work, coach! Happy retirement...  (:

All images ©The Daily Californian

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