Monday, March 1, 2010

Angelique Kidjo: World Music at Zellerbach Auditorium, Berkeley

Last week (maybe longer ago...) I had the wonderful pleasure of heading to Zellerbach to shoot Angelique Kidjo, world music extraordinaire. And, let me tell you, I had the best experience ever!
 Cool things that happened: 

  1.  She is AMAZING. She can command the room like no other. She can dance like nothing you've ever seen. Her voice leaves you speechless. You know, just another day at the theater. 
  2. The photog usher appreciated my appreciation of World Music and gave me her  unreleased CD. As a gift. Yipee!
  3. I had to leave early (one of the sad things about a press pass is having to leave fifteen minutes into the show. Buuut somebody outside saw me leave and offered me a free $46 Orchestra ticket. I promptly went back inside and enjoyed the rest of the show. 

 FABULOUS. I love my job. (:
Very cool lighting at the Zellerbach. (:

The star performer herself. My new heroine. Amazing. Seriously.

The way this woman moves is mesmerizing. As is the way she commands an audience. Daaang. 

And then she invited everybody to come on stage and dance with her. Talk about breaking boundaries. 
And they went crazy.

And then she got individual people to dance. In the spotlight. On their own. In front of all of the hundreds of people who filled Zellerbach. And, let me tell you, these crazy people went ALL OUT. It was fabulous. 

Click on this image too see her facial expression up close. Well, bigger anyways. Ha ha. She's so outrageous with her expressions. Awesome. 

And this dynamic woman can really really rock out. Fantastic. I wish I had her moves.

This is how she picked people to dance in the spotlight. :D

She had a way of picking the people who could really move. Either that or her presence brought it out of them. Either way, it rocked.

And, of course, she was all about the future. Power to the young people and so on. (;

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