Monday, April 26, 2010

The Sweeter Things in Life: Cupcakes!

Looking through the photos I have of these sweet sweet cupcakes, I regret only tasting two: I should have eaten the whole tray!
The chocolate ones with the orange zest on top and the other chocolate ones (they're white mocha buttercream with white chocolate drizzle) were expertly baked by Kelly O'Brien of Glass Slipper Gourmet, located in Martinez, California.
The ones in the photo below--the mocha ones, the raspberry ones, and the red velvet ones--were baked, equally expertly, by Jen Kwapinski at Jen's Cakes. Delish!
I tasted the red velvet ones and the white cake and raspberry frosting ones. I loved them both, but let me just say, the red velvet ones were to die for. They're were the first ones to go, and no wonder--cream cheese frosting and red cake is the best combination ever made. I've been converted: I am most def a cupcake person. Yummmm. (p.s. I didn't try them, but the chocolate ones are espresso I think...) 
I tasted these at a wonderful event called Una Bella Sera--expect lots of pretty images coming in the next week or two. I went crazy with my camera... :) 

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