Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bay Area Portrait Photographer: Miss T. Through a New Lens.

I got a NEW LENS! 50mm 1.4 Freakin' GORGEOUS. I'd been refreshing the UPS tracking system all day and then when it finally switched to "delivered" I ran down to the mail room and begged them to give me my box, pronto. I might have broken down in tears if simply asking didn't do the trick. Thank goodness for wonderful mail people! Thank you!
And now, enjoy the lens! (Of course, did you think I managed not to run out and start shooting right away?! ha ha. 
 Can I be selfish and say this is my favorite photo of Taylor ever taken? Siiigh. ha ha. :)
Ohmygoshh. Love this. :)

"You're really making me model again? ughh.." ha ha :P Love you, Taylorrr 

"Alright... let's do this.... I guess..." ha ha

Adorable. Yay for happy days filled with sunshine. Can't. Wait. For. Summer. 

Let's end with a little bubblegum action. Cute. :)

Yay for Taylor being extremely pretty at a moment's notice and yayy for new lenses! Happy Thursday everyone! :D

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