Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bay Area Portrait Photographer: Katie, So Cute in the Sunshine (:

The sun was shining so pretty this afternoon that I just couldn't imagine not taking my camera out and shooting some photos. And I'd been meaning to get some shots of Katie for such a long time now. <3   
She's just so cute! And so happy. Oh Katie, I love you! :D

Cute. (:

What a happy, smilie girlie. 

The next two are my absolute favorites. Sigh. 

Okay, maybe I lied. The next two are also my favorites. 

She went a little America's Next Top Model on me. I certainly didn't mind; it was suuuuper cute. <3 

Katie and I layed on the grass for a little while. (: 

A yellow house. (: Have I told you yellow is my favorite color? It's just so happy... 

Dear Katie, you are my sunshine. (:


  1. What a beautiful model with such a lovely smile! Great pictures.

  2. Such great photos; what an infectious smile!!



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