Friday, April 2, 2010

Bare Shoot: A Sort of Sneak Peak :) [but mostly just photos of a cute puppy; oops ;) ]

This is Bare Magazine. These are some shots from my shoot with them today. Expect a full review of Issue Seven when it comes out. With my photos in it. Yuppp, that's right. (:  
Make-up. Done by the lovely and talented Mary King. You rock, girlie!
Pretty pretty make-up brushes. (:


Sigh. I love this for so many reasons: 1. The bracelet. Courtesy of Sway, it's beautiful beautiful beautiful. Sigh. 2. The fabric. I can't give any more away. Wait for Issue 7 of Bare to come out! :D 3. The colors all together in this frame--Sather Gate, the gold of the bracelet, the red of the fabric. 4. The memories. Okay. That's all. (: 

Dear Jonathan, 
Can you and I please do a shoot?! We can do whatever you want. You style and I shootl; I will shoot all day, everyday for you, as long as you keep up these ridiculously hot poses. And osmosis some of your style over to me. Ha ha. Coo? Coo. 
Love, Simone

And now, for the main attraction. This is Pip. As in Pipsqueak. So freakin' adorable. He gave me puppy kisses. Yayyy. (: 

My favorite. I can hear my puppy at home getting jealous. Sigh.

Simone had a wonderful day. And, in other news, I just bought a new lens. GAH. I CAN'T WAITTTT. yee. (: 


  1. Ahhh! I can't wait to see the photos! I may have to take you up on your offer =D

  2. oh squinty-eyed puppies. how lovely.

  3. Can't get over how cute that dog is. :)



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