Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inner City Services, Berkeley, California

Welcome to my very first shoot as a photographer for The Daily Californian! This is Inner City Services, a local non-profit (?) agency that helps the unemployed build skills and find a job. Such laudable work. (:

All of the people who worked there were very nice. I couldn't think of better people to work with it you are down and out. Or, honestly, even if you aren't. (:

I may love this photo more for the little kid's face than nothing else. The irony is that it says, "NO CHILDREN ALLOWED." Go figure.
The awesome reporter, hard at work. Go Katie! (:

They collect gently used suits and other work clothes and pass them along, for keeps, to those they help out. Awesome!

This is my favorite photo. Not really appropriate for the newspaper, but I like how it feels. (: 
The classroom:

The photo from the paper: 

This is the anti-smoking wall. The director has literally covered it with dozens of posters detailing all of the harmful effects of smoking. It's his personal project. (:

This one is my personal favorite. I hope I can use that line one day. (:

Some nice portraits. (:

An awesome looking building just down the street. Not related in any way whatsoever to Inner City Services. Clearly. I even should have probably put them in separate posts. But I didn't, so please enjoy these mindfully. 

Here's an image of the web version of the article. I'd like to say, we were featured on the front page of the print edition of the paper. Score! What a success. Welcome to the world of photojournalism! :D
Accompanying article expertly written by my friend and fellow journalist Katie Nelson, Contributing Writer to The Daily Californian
For my images online at The Daily Cal's website, please see here. You can find the full news article online here
All images in this post ©The Daily Californian. Please contact them for information regarding reproduction, printing, purchasing or reposting images. For reprint information you should visit the reprints site here. Thank you!

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