Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cal Beats Stanford (RAWR)

Cal fans can get pretty intense. Case in point, this Thunderbird. Perfectly decorated to be Cal spirited in every possible way, it was amazing. After we won, they drove around in victory, honking the horn and shouting, "Go bears!"

I want one!

The kids of the Thunderbird owner were scouts and they wandered around the parking lot (if you can call it that) selling homemade wreaths for Christmas. So freakin' cute.

This sketch car parked next to us. Please note: (a) no license plate, and (b) hideous color (yee, haha).

Our intense tailgating set up required some ingenious car usage. See below.

Bo arrived in style. Damn, look at that truck!

BBQing! :D


The chef.



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