Friday, November 13, 2009

Oakland Fun (:


That's kinda all I have to say about this day. DJ and I headed over to this cool church in Oakland called The Cathedral of Christ the Light that he learned about in Architecture--the architect is super famous--with our cameras. We shot some photos but I confess I probably spent more time just wandering around in complete awe. It was, well, "ooooooo."

I cannot get over how cool this place was. I feel like that's all I have to say. Maybe I just shouldn't say anything. Let the pictures speak for themselves, you know. (p.s. it echoed when you talked in here. The organ playing must be aaaammmmmaaaaaaaazzzzzzzinggggggggggg. man. can we go back, please?)

What's a church without candles... right?

My favorite shot. I cannot explain in the least how freakin' awesome this church was. So so so so very cool. SO COOL. And the construction really just made everything even more amazing. Seriously.

Bah. (:

Thank you, sir.

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