Monday, November 2, 2009

San Francisco: Dolores Park and 24th Street Edition

Last Wednesday I headed out to San Francisco's Dolores Park for a day with my mamma. It was gorgeous. The sun was out and it wasn't too busy. We had the most amazing picnic lunch and then spent the rest of the day wandering around the city.

There was a couple who set up a tight rope between two trees. It was supa cool, and they got a few other people interested too (:

He was the best. Look, his hands are in his pockets!

There were two little girls who got very interested in what they were doing. The tight ropers let them have a try on the real tight rope, but clearly, that wasn't enough for the two of them. They headed over to a nearby bench and climbed up and along the back for about a half an hour... (:

A girl across the park got on the back of a bench to try her hand at it. (:

The playground at Dolores Park. Yay for being a kid!

Man, so many choices. (:

The little girls had so much fun that they took their shoes off and ran around in the grass barefoot.

Sometimes you gotta just pretend you're a tourist and find the pigeons insanely intriguing :P

Okay. This ice cream place is hands down one of the two best ice cream places I've even been to in my life (the other being Ici, on College, in Berkeley). But really. If you spend a day in the sunshine at Dolores Park, I highly highly recommend a post nap visit to Bi Rite. You won't regret it.

Such a cute little store (:

She couldn't keep her eyes off of the ice cream. Soooo delicious and she knew it. This is probably my favorite shot of the whole day. :D

I had salted caramel and balsamic strawberry. Let me tell you, it was to die for.

All gone. :P

Mission high school.

New obsession with locks...

I want to sit here a while; it sounds funny to say, but it just looks like a nice place to sit (:

Lock. againnnn

Isn't this a neat old fashioned window?! I had to stop and stare. haha

Oh San Francisco, why are you so pretty?


Coolest letter box ever. I made my mom stop the car so I could get out and get a photo of it. haha oh dear.

A meander down 24th Street in Noe Valley. It's a very cute neighborhood.

Dinner. At a place called the Toast Eatery. So yum.

The French Fries were SO GOOD. so good.

And we shared a yummy Reuben sandwich. You should try.

I'm hungry again just looking at these pictures... haha

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