Thursday, October 29, 2009

San Francisco: Embarcadero and Ferry Building Edition

I took a little mini trip to San Francisco the other day. The weather was perfect and I just knew that the sunset down by the Ferry Building would be breathtaking. It did itself more than justice!

The buildings make me feel so small. And like all the little annoying things in life don't really matter. Because, frankly, they don't. I believe gym teachers everywhere preach it just right: "Don't sweat the small stuff... and it's all small stuff. " :D
This photo reminds me of New York City. (:

Juxtaposition of the old and the new. How freakin' cool!

There was nobody at this booth so I shot a few photos. Two, to be exact, this being the second one. As soon as she saw me taking photos of her booth, the owner--a little old Chinese lady--ran over and said, "No pictures, no pictures." I apologized, put my camera down, and walked away. As I left, she tried to charge me. "Photos five dollars," she said. I felt a little bad--business must have been bad that day--but I, obviously, wasn't going to pay. She continued to hassle me slightly as I walked away, but to no avail. Sorry, hun, I'm a local... haha :P

Anyways, it's not the greatest photo, but it's my $5 photo, so enjoy!

Cute little Mexican restaurant in the Ferry Building. I love their super colorful tableclothes. <3>
The bookstore is called Book Passage, I think. So cute and the view was amazing. sigh

The Slanted Door looked like an amazing restaurant. I want to go on a date HERE (you can make reservations here: haha jk... You must, however, make reservations as far in advance as six months (or be a celebrity) if you want to get a table. This Vietnamese fusion place is super SUPER popular. (@ Taylor--we probably sorely underestimated that man. to the woman in the awesome jacket: damn girl, you one lucky beezy. haha)

Probably my favorite shot of the whole day. :D I want to go back to this moment in time. So so gorgeous.


Perhaps the start of a new, as of yet still small, obsession with locks. ...possibly :P

Taylor's Restaurant. 'nuff said.

oh mannnnn

I want to eat in any restaurant that calls itself a "gastronomic delight." The bright orange wall color doesn't hurt either.

Olive oil!

Gotta love the nighttime cityscape. <3>

I have always wanted to and likely always will want to live in San Francisco when I ... settle down. haha. No but really. I ADORE this city. Completely and absolutely. <3>

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