Friday, October 9, 2009

Berkeley Bowl. It's Love at First Bite.

I've been hungry all week; dining hall food can really get to you. So Friday morning I took the trek down to Berkeley Bowl to get some real food in my fridge (and my stomach, haha).

If you've never been to Berkeley Bowl before, I highly recommend it: there's so much delicious, fresh produce and it doesn't even cost too much! Plus, lots of other delicious food: if you're a foodie like me, you should beware of drooling upon entering the store. :D

Besides solidifying my status as a foodie, bringing my camera to Berkeley Bowl made me feel like a real college student; who but one of us, deprived of good food and hungry, would really appreciate the piles of vegetables and fruit?

I have to say, I expected strange looks but instead was pleasantly surprised. Maybe this is only because we're in Berkeley, but people seemed happy that I was appreciating the food as much as I, obviously, was. It was fun: I made friends with the lady who loved mushrooms (especially Shiitake), the shelf stacker who wanted to know how the squash photos were coming out (judge for yourself), and the guy at the berry stand who said he had never quite seen how beautiful the blackberries were (I'm glad he learned something!)...

Anyways ... Feast your eyes!

Yay! It's apple season! Even though I feel like a little kid when I eat apples sometimes, they're still one of my favorite foods. Of course, they're only really worth eating during fall, when they're actually supposed to grow... (:

Oh god. Ah-mazing!

When I saw this display of artichokes and asparagus I couldn't help but think that they put them out like this with a photographer in mind. Unless they were expecting me, why else would they alternate them like this? I spent way too long here and I definitely got some weird looks. And blocked the aisle. *sigh*

When I see mushrooms I always wonder: who ever thought, "Oh yeah sure, that looks edible." Whoever it was: thank you! haha

Look! They're kissing! <3>

I'm just going to throw this out there. Judy's Breadsticks are the best breadsticks I have ever had in my whole entire life. Hands down. Ever. [and so I assume this bread, also by Judy, is equally amazing... too bad the price tag is out of my league at this point ): ]

I got a little (okay, very) distracted in the wine section. The bottles are so prettyyy... (:

That's all for now. :D
Eat, drink and be merry!

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