Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hotel Shattuck Plaza: Chic and Sexy

I recently shot an event at Hotel Shattuck Plaza in Berkeley on, you guessed it, Shattuck (and Allston). It's the coolest hotel ever and I got a few shots in wandering around during the day. My newest goal? Photograph a beautiful wedding here. Please?

They have awesome cool wallpaper. Check it out--Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

I want to spend an afternoon sitting and chatting over tea in this little nook. It would be impossible not feel sexy drinking tea and discussing politics and high society here... :P

Anywhere else having this on a lamp would be tacky. At Hotel Shattuck Plaza? AH-mazzzingggg

They're too cool to have normal lights; no, they've installed lots of chandeliers instead. You know, no big deal. (:

So... if you're getting married, do it here. And hire me and my camera... haha

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