Monday, October 19, 2009

The Other Bride... :P

St. John's, in Michigan, where my cousin got married, is a very popular destination for weddings. The day my cousin got married alone there were four weddings in the chapel! Wow! The fun thing was that there were other brides wandering around the grounds the whole weekend.... and I snuck around with my camera photographing them! yipee!

To whomever's wife she is now: what a lucky man you are, she's gorgeous!

I think this might be my favorite photo of the whole weekend. The light was perfect and I just adore her dress! <3 I know they spend a lot of money, and I know it's only for one day, but it is sooo sooo worth it. (p.s. and don't forget to check out that ring!)

Look at Mama and those bridesmaids checking out the gorgeous girl. How sweet (:

I don't know who this cake belonged to, but I love it! So sophisticatedddddd <3

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