Monday, October 19, 2009


I headed out to Michigan last weekend for my cousin Chris's wedding to my new cousin Jessica. The leaves were just changing on the trees and everything was a gorgeous red and green and yellow. And it was a crisp, clean 42 degrees... wow! Even though I LOVE Cal and California in general, it made me wish just a little bit that I had gone to college on the East coast. How cool would it be to have seasons!? Anyways, here's the Michigan shots. The wedding shots will be in a separate post, along with some sneaky shots of other brides also getting married on the premises. :P And I've got photos from a career event I shot last weekend, and some randoms that should make you smile. All coming this week! I promise! :D

Who doesn't need a good airplane window shot?! It's a good overview: Michigan was freakin' gorgeous! *sigh...*

This man sat next to my mom and I on the second flight, from St. Paul to Michigan. His daughter was adorable, but he was even more so: what an amazing father! His baby girl was named Chevelle, after his favorite muscle car (she was "his Chevy" for short) and he was completely enamored of her; he must have given her about three hundred kisses on the airplane. It was the most gosh darn adorable thing I've ever seen in my life. Seriously.

Pretty Michigan leaves... (:

This was the chapel / hotel where they got married. I just loved how the light caught the tree in this photo. What gorgeous sunshine!

This was a cool hallway that you took to get from the Chapel to the hotel lobby. It was such a brick and fireplace kind of space and then here was this cool little hallway. Awesome.

All the rest of the photos coming soon: stay tuned!

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