Monday, October 19, 2009

Jessica and Christian!

And now presenting Mr. and Mrs. Christian and Jessica CHASEY!

My cousin got married last weekend. It's such a strange thing to say. Of course, as my cousin pointed out, imagine how it feels for him! Good thing everybody adores Jessica--she's such a kind, smart and beautiful person and I couldn't be more happy to welcome her to our family! Congratulations to the wonderful couple! xoxo

Like I said, Jessica is sweet. She is so sweet, in fact, that she asked me to be a bridesmaid, even though we don't know each other that well yet. What a wonderful way to start a lifetime as cousins!
Tiffany's, my first in fact!)

We started the day early, heading over to the salon early to get pretty. Jessica didn't need make-up, but it did help her look stunning for the entire, very long, day. (:

After the salon, we all got ready at Jessica's mom's house. First though, there was a quick Mac 'n Cheese break. yum yum yum!

This is one of my favorite shots of the whole day. yayyy

Here she might have been saying something like, "I can't breathe easily in this dress" ... haha

She was very self-sufficient. See? She carried the train down the stairs on her own. Miss Independent... :D

There were some nerves though...

And lots of looking gorgeous. Of course.

Isn't she the most stunning bride you've ever seen!!! wowwww

Model shot:

Her favorite flowers are these daisies. What lucky bridesmaids we were!

My aunt. (And Jessica's new mother-in-law.) She looked beautiful in red! ... and had her own little bouquet to boot!

We put them in the pews with the bibles during the ceremony. (:

The doors to the hallway outside the chapel. Aren't they cool!?

This is the chapel where they got married. So regal!

And who doesn't love stained glass windows!? *pretty colorsss*

That's all. Mostly I concentrated hard on being a good bridesmaid and having lots and lots of fun. Mission accomplished!

Congratulations to Jess and Chris! And have lots of fun in St. Thomas!

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