Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Contact Singapore Career Event @Hotel Shattuck Plaza { (: }

So last last weekend (it's been a while...) I photographed a Career Event hosted by Contact Singapore, held at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza. It was neat--they got together lots of people from Singapore who were living in the USA with the public sector, who was looking to hire more people to work for the Singaporean government. All around? I'd say it was a complete success. (:

Even the soda at Hotel Shattuck Plaza is chic. Yum.

Everybody needs a little man calculator, right? :P

Berkeley students helping out. This is what we do. :D haha

There were goodie bags for all of the attendees. What fun (:
Networking! yay!!!

The food was AMAZING. I kid you not.

1. Fresh fruit:

2. Steak. And salmon.

3. Chinese chicken salad. And soba noodles. Yum yum yum. Oh mannnnn

An overview of the event and the room where it was held:

Now presenting... our keynote speaker!

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