Wednesday, January 6, 2010

California Mission San Miguel Archangel

The kind of photo roadtrip that Kenny and I take includes a lot of quick stops. We're driving along and then all of sudden we pull off onto some random side street. This random stop was such wonderful luck that I still can't believe it. We ran into the very very very cool California Mission of San Miguel Archangel. It was a photographer's dream--everything old and beautiful. In fact, just seeing the photos from this location really just makes me want to hit up every mission in California with my camera. One down, twenty to go! :D

I just loved this. The off white manages to be so beautiful!

Locks! Still such an attraction for me... I blame Jessica Claire and her amazing idea for the lock project. Once she helped me to see them, I find that I can't not see locks... (:
Every detail was perfect. Absolutely.

Cool story alert! : When they built the missions in California, they marked the road between each one with a cross carved into a tree. The cross on a particular tree in the area was grown over with bark and lost until a harsh storm knocked the tree down, peeling back the bark and uncovering the old cross. It's now displayed in the mission, for all to see. And it's so beautiful! So very cool! (:
From the Mission, we headed back along Hwy 101. It's the old El Camino Real and it's perfectly old school and wonderfully picturesque. (:
I kinda feel like this is a very classic, quintessential roadtrip photo. Score.

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