Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Last of the Roadtrip Shots

When we got to San Luis Obispo, we headed up the mountain to where Kenny stayed early in the year, before the lease started on his house. Usually the mountain is so high that it breaks through the mountains and the view is breathtaking. We weren't so lucky in that way but sometimes when you're not lucky in the way you wanted to be, you end up being luckier in so many ways.
This was one of those times.

Besides lots of photos of cool stuff from up there that I probably wont get a chance to post, I grabbed a few shots of this old boat sitting in somebody's front yard that I just adore. It had been a while since it floated, but the old cacti growing up inside of it was waay more interesting that anything I could have found in the harbor. What wonderful luck!
Go figure.

That's probably the end of the roadtrip shots. I may get nostalgic at some point and post a few more as a throwback but I think I've shared my favorites and am looking forward to new horizons. :D I leave for Florida tomorrow. Yikes. I hope I get some pretty photos while I'm there! I'll keep you updated... (:
And, overall? The roadtrip was fabulous. Absolutely faaabulous. :D

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