Saturday, January 2, 2010


Kenny and I took a very impromptu roadtrip down the coast to San Luis Obispo (as in, "hey, we should go on a roadtrip tomorrow." "okay. leave at 6AM?"). We drove down Highway One, leaving before the sun rose (yikes!) from Half Moon Bay and then coming back up Highway 101. The point was to collect as many beautiful photos as possible, which isn't hard when you live in the most beautiful place in the world (well, one of them anyways).

This wasn't the kind of roadtrip we took, but I still thought it was fairly classic. It kind of makes me want to drive across the country one day. Not that I wasn't planning on doing that at some point anyways. But still.
Great White Heron. I honestly believe that herons are the most beautiful creatures on earth. mmm, take that back: they're second, after butterflies. (:
I discovered this one at Elkhorn Slough, just outside of Santa Cruz. Gorgeous.
Winery. Or something.

I could barely get the little birdies to sit still for me, but this one was sort of cooperating. (:
Maybe when I grown up I'll put a sculpture on my house too. :P
There are SOOOO many cool photos from this trip. There's no way I could ever upload them all here, but in the next week or so I'll be uploading a few of my favorites and I can't wait for you to see them. Check back for new photos! (:

Happy New Year and best wishes in 2010!

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