Saturday, January 16, 2010

Poladroid. ohmigosh.

Dear friends, let me just say:
You have no idea how much your life is about to change. In absolutely unbelievable, completely wondrous ways. How so, you say?
Drumroll, please:
I'm proud to present this amazing, FREE software. Both MAC and (pc) compatible. Beautiful.
I'm so excited I can barely say it: it transforms any photo, yes, any .jpg photo you have, into a very convincible Polaroid photo. And it does it in the most legit way possible. Once you've downloaded it you need only drag and drop your image onto the camera icon and it spits out an undeveloped Polaroid (with a very realistic "click" and print sound). True to form, you must wait a few minutes for the photo to develop (although shaking it really does speed up the process), but it's well worth the wait.
The only downside to the program that I can see is that there's no way for you as the photographer/editor to pick which part of your original 4X6 image shows up in the Polaroid image. I got a few where the subject was completely lopped off and the image was rendered ridiculous. I have decided to be happy regardless of this problem. (:
Check out a few (okay, a lot) of my transformed images below. I got a little trigger happy, but absolutely cannot wait to print some of these out for real. Polaroid effects make everything look extra cool. Check it and be excited.

And another:
Lock. (here or here or even here).


The old, cacti boat:



Photoshoot for BARE magazine:

Berkeley at night:

Portraits of old friends:

And other old friends:

mhmmmm (:

Berkeley Bowl

Another roadtrip photo:
I've been wanting to get a Polaroid camera for aaages now. The cameras are cheap but the film is soo expensive it's just ridiculous. Sigh. It's a bummer that this program can't print out the photos for free too, but as it is, I'm pretty happy. Poladroid is amazing and until I get my hands on a real Polaroid camera (and truckloads of film) this will most definitely keep me quite happy.

Thank you, Poladroid! (go download. now. trust me on this one. :D )

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