Saturday, January 30, 2010

I can see Russia from my city.

Yesterday the crew headed to San Francisco to, well, visit Russia. Well, at least we got a little taste of the culture, people, food, and vodka. (: 
Held at the Russian Center in San Francisco, the 2010 Russian festival was a complete success. It was held in cool old building and decorated very appropriately with:
1. Photos of old Russians of importance:

And, 2. Beautiful paintings of Moscow:

Among other things we also discovered basketball nets and old vents in the gymnasium.

How could you not like this place?! (Or Polaroids...) Yes, it's the same photo, transformed with Poladroid. I will eventually get a real Polaroid camera but until then I will continue to just be a poser... sigh.
 Especially when that room was actually decorated like this for the festival:

And when you could find such delicious treats as this for purchase: 
Upstairs there were some pretty awesome performers. I couldn't get a lot of photos because, well, it was a performance and I wasn't hired to snoop around with my camera, but I loved the classic Russian culture in the old auditorium and couldn't help myself with this one. Ha ha. Anyways, this is some famous Russian dancer who also played the accordion. Coo. 

We walked back to BART instead of taking the bus and, in the glossy post rain and the beginning of the night, I got this cool photo of, well, bonus points for anybody who can tell me what building this is. (:

Overall, a very successful adventure. (:

Russia? Yeah, I've been. 
Ha ha, I wishhhhh....

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